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Global insights into the most
successful retail strategies.


DKRC’s mission is dedicated to providing global knowledge into the most successful retail strategies, including in the fashion and luxury sectors. The global knowledge combines both on-site field research and analysis of financial statement data. The three main drivers of our mission are creating consistency, predictability, and growth in the human capital, financial performance, and financial position of our clients and our investments.

Key retail strategies include (in alphabetical order): brand building, creativity, customer service, ecommerce, goals setting, innovation, manufacturing, professional training, quality controls, return on investment, sponsorships, supply chain management, and working capital management.


DKRC’s resources include a global network of professionals that span the entire retail business from suppliers to retailers to customers. We have knowledge of the retail sectors’ leading companies, including Christian Dior, Inditex, L-Brands, LVMH, and Richemont.


DKRC in collaboration with Japonica Partners has a mandate to identify and invest (based on a value investing discipline) in the retail sector, including the fashion and luxury sectors. Investments will range from minority to controlling positions in start-ups to multi-national corporations. With all investments, DKRC will partner with management to implement the most successful retail strategies.




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